Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Farmers Market Vendor Applications

As of today, April 29, we are requesting returning vendors to apply for the 2013 market.  Those vendors who were current in November of last year's market are guaranteed a spot if they apply by May 17th!  If you would like to see the Vendor Application you can see it here.  =>2013 Vendor Application<=
To be in the market you will need a Yonkers Vendors Licence.  Please notice that the city is only offering a 1/2 year and full year license this year.  You can see the applications in the links to the right.

As of May 18th we will be accepting applications of new vendors.  You will need to fill in the same application linked in the paragraph above.  Only vendors selling merchandise not already sold in the market will be considered.  For more information you may call St. John's Church at (914) 963-3033

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